National Magnet School Month
Student Poster Contest

Magnet Schools of America announces February 2017 as National Magnet School Month to highlight and promote magnet schools across the country. We invite all magnet schools to plan special events and activities during February 2017 to celebrate the success of magnet schools, students, and staff.

As part of the celebration, Magnet Schools of America is sponsoring its 11th Annual National Magnet Schools Student Poster Contest, and invites entries from elementary, middle and high school magnets. Plan to enter this exciting and fun student-based project.

To continue the success of our theme tradition...Students have the option to express/interpret just one of MSA's pillars OR all five of MSA's pillars:

Entry Requirements:

Districts or schools entering the poster contest must be paid members of MSA for 2016-2017 by December 1, 2016. Please contact the Elaina Hundley at 202-824-0672 OR email for all membership related questions.


  • Institution members may submit one poster to MSA representing the appropriate level – elementary, middle, or high.
  • District members may submit ONLY one poster representing each level - elementary, middle, high. Schools should coordinate with their appropriate district level department(s).
  • Each district will determine the posters sent to be judged at the national level.
  • Entries will be accepted from the district level completed by individual students only.
  • All entries will become the property of MSA and will not be returned.
  • Each poster must include the official MSA entry form attached to the back of the poster. 

Scoring Rubric:

MSA suggests that school-wide and/or district-wide competitions implement the same scoring rubric for the selection of their winners.

Adherence to Pillar(s)/Theme(s): 30 pts
Adherence to Specifications: 20 pts
Originality and Organization: 30 pts
Use of Color and Design: 20 pts


Deadline for Submitting Posters:

  • Please complete the online submission form, and be prepared to upload a digital copy (resolution = minimum 300dpi) of the poster.
  • The original poster(s) must be mailed and RECEIVED in the National Office by Friday, January 20, 2017 to be eligible.

           Mail to: Magnet Schools of America  |  1909 K Street, NW Suite C-140  |  Washington, DC  20006

Presentation of National Awards:

First, second, and third place winners at each level will be notified the first week of May 2017. The overall, top winning poster will be announced at the National Conference on Magnet Schools in Los Angeles, California April 26-30, 2017. 







Call the National Office at 202-824-0672 or email


Q: We are interested in entering this year's poster contest.  We would like to know, however, if the poster must be hand drawn or if it can be a digital creation.
A: MSA will accept both hand drawn and digital creations.