Tuesday, December 3 is a National Giving Day. It celebrates and encourages charitable activities that support non-profit organizations.

Show your support for Magnet Schools of America by making a personal donation to one of our three projects by December 31, 2013.


Connecting Teachers

We want to host an online community for magnet school teachers across the country to connect with one another and share ideas.

Magnet Schools of America knows how important it is for teachers to make meaningful connections with one another. We have been hosting conferences for the last thirty years to enable teachers to meet face-to-face to exchange ideas and best practice strategies. We know they also share contact information, so they can remain in touch throughout the year. Thanks to technology, we now can support virtual interactions for magnet school teachers all across the country. Our new online communities will enable the thousands of teachers who cannot attend our in-person meetings to foster the same worthwhile connections.

Magnet Schools of America is hoping to raise $5,000 to cover the costs of the software that will enable us to create online communities for magnet school teachers. Teachers will be able to join as many communities as they wish, including ones based on: Grades taught (elementary, middle, or high); School themes (fine arts, languages, STEM, etc.); Subject areas (biology, English/Language Arts, history, mathematics, photography, etc.); and School role (teacher, grade lead, lead teacher, etc.).

We look forward to seeing the numerous and beneficial connections that will form with our online communities—connecting teachers to one another.

Terrific Teachers

The Terrific Teachers project will provide funds for an award to be given to the 2014 Magnet Schools of America National Teacher of the Year. 

Magnet Schools of America believes that teachers are crucial to the success of their students, and we are thrilled to recognize excellence in magnet school teaching all across the nation. One special way we honor teachers is our Teacher of the Year award. Each year, we host a national competition to identify the most outstanding magnet school teacher. Their peers and principals nominate them for the award, and then nominees submit applications attesting to the reasons they should be recognized for their work with students. We award eight regional prizes, as well as a national award. During our National Conference, we honor all of our winners, providing them with some much-needed and deserved recognition.

Magnet Schools of America wants to raise $2,500 to award to the 2014 MSA National Teacher of the Year. We look forward to reviewing all the teacher of the year applications and learning about the numerous, great things occurring in magnet classrooms across the nation.

Laudable Leaders

The Laudable Leaders project will provide funds for an award to be giving to the 2014 Magnet Schools of America National Principal of the Year.

Magnet Schools of America recognizes the numerous skills and areas of expertise principals must master to successfully run their schools. As such, we host an annual competition to recognize the most outstanding magnet school leader. Principals are nominated by their teachers or supervisors, and then submit applications with evidence of their achievements. Last year, we received xxx applications for principal of the year. We were delighted to recognize Kathleen Decker from Walter Bracken STEAM Academy in Clark County School District (Nevada) as the MSA National Principal of the Year 2013 at our National Conference. We also honored eight regional award winners.

Magnet Schools of America wants to raise $2,500 to award to the 2014 MSA Principal of the Year. We expect the competition to be just as fierce this spring, and we are proud to once again recognize excellence in magnet school leadership at our National Conference (to be held in Hartford, CT in May 2014).

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