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Sunday, October 9 @ 3:50 PM

Breakout Session

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Harmony for Healthy Relationships: A Free SEL for Magnet Schools

Sanford Harmony is a research-based Pre-K-6th grade program designed to create a positive learning environment and school climate essential to social and emotional development and academic learning. Harmony is not only aligned to the mission of MSA but also supports The Every Student Succeeds (ESSA) Federal Legislation.

In this session, participants will see how the teachers are trained and how the components of the program are implemented in classrooms. They will also learn the steps to order cost-free kits that include lesson plans, strategies, storybooks and music provided at NO COST for every classroom in a school through the generous donation of philanthropist T. Denny Sanford. Join us to discover how Sanford Harmony will build healthy and inclusive relationships among students in your school!

Harmony will empower teachers to foster positive relationships, promote cooperation, communication, inclusion, problem solving, respect, and empathy. Using the activities and routines, students will gain relationship building strategies critical for school readiness and academic success. The themes will help students develop self and social awareness, self-management, and responsible decision making. Studies indicates that this powerful SEL increases academic achievement, school connectedness, empathy and decreases stereotyping, bullying, and aggressive behavior.

Teachers love this program as it is flexible, easy to implement, integrates into curriculum and builds joyous classroom learning communities where the focus is on teaching and learning. Families enjoy the communication and engagement activities that support classroom lessons. With these tools, teachers will spend less time managing student behavior and more time teaching academic skills.Join our interactive session and learn the simple steps to bring Harmony to your school! MSA and Sanford Harmony = Building Harmonious Classrooms together! www.sanfordharmony.org

Margaret Johnson, Product Specialist & TrainerSanford Harmony at National UniversityMargaret Johnson is a Product Specialist and Trainer for Sanford Harmony and an adjunct instructor for National University in La Jolla, CA.  She is a UCLA graduate who began her career as an elementary teacher, reading specialist, and early childhood coordinator. She has served as a mentor teacher, director of curriculum and staff development, and as a principal for successful turn-around schools. Margaret is passionate about building nurturing learning communities where economically diverse, ethnically rich, and ideologically different children learn and support one another in a harmonious environment.

Ritchie Ressel, Sanford Harmony TrainerSanford Harmony at National UniversityRichie Ressel moved from Southern California to Arizona six years ago when he decided to get his Master's in Education at Arizona State University. Richie worked in the Glendale Elementary School District for six years as a teacher, instructional coach, and coordinator for the New Teacher Induction Program. Richie cofounded HEROES For Students, a nonprofit organization that brings guest speakers into K-12 classrooms to teach students about careers and workplace skills. Richie now teaches a high school social entrepreneurship class and recently joined the Sanford Harmony team because of his passion to see strong social emotional learning in all classrooms.