Fall Technical Assistance & Training Conference

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Sunday, October 9 @ 2:30 PM

Breakout Session

Strengthen the Learner Experience
Teachers | Magnet Coordinators | School Administrators | District Administrators 

The Learner Experience Through the Lens of Magnet

In this session we will explore how strengthening the learner experience through diverse magnet themes influences district-wide coherence for inquiry based learning (IBL). This focus will address Magnet Pillar Four. Discussion will underscore how magnet themes might affect the language districts use to describe the learner experience. Context for a few learner experiences in magnet IBL examples will be shared.  Participants will also contemplate connections between the learner experience in relation to all Five Magnet Pillars. 

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Dr. Christine Gross is the Magnet Project Director in Napa Valley, California
Prior to her current position, Christine enjoyed many years of working as the Director of Magnet Schools in Las Vegas, Nevada. Christine, and her husband Dr. Perry Gross, worked at the International School of Yaounde, Cameroon, Africa for two years, and in earlier years worked as Peace Corps Volunteers in Papua New Guinea, South Pacific. While earning her bachelors degree in teaching, Christine was the first summer-seasonal female firefighter to work for the Nevada Division of Forestry. Christine also worked as the only female member on a trail crew for the U.S. Department of Forestry. The variety of past experiences have influenced Dr. Gross' view of diversity and have strengthened her resolve for equal access to education and lifetime opportunities.