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Monday, October 10 @ 10:55 AM

Breakout Session

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Lights, Camera, Take Action!

Looking for a PBL unit that incorporates grantwriting, parent & community outreach, and professional mentors?  Then join 2016 MSA National Magnet Teacher of the Year recipient Matthew Waynee as he presents his PBL "Lights, Camera, Take Action!"   Determined to secure funding for his cinematic arts department, he wrote and won a generous grant from the Hollywood Foreign Press Association that helped buy new equipment and resources.  This unit empowers students to create socially-conscious documentaries that raise awareness about various local non-profit organizations, which help improve the health, education, career-readiness, and/or safety of the people in their neighborhoods.  Students gain firsthand experience solving real-world problems and collaborating in small groups as they developed pitches, meet with their selected organizations, film professional-quality interviews, and edit compelling narratives that explore in-depth issues that can be improved in their communities.  To improve the educational rigor, numerous industry professionals serve as mentors throughout the project.  This entire experience makes students better filmmakers and, more importantly, helps them become better community citizens.    

Join Mr. Waynee as he breaks down each component of "Lights, Camera, Take Action!", including...
--Techniques in Grantwriting
--Basics of Documentary Filmmaking for any grade level
--Developing Real-World Opportunities for your Students to Succeed
--Fostering Parent Involvement
--Creating a Network of Community Partners

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Matthew Waynee, Cinematic Arts Director, Los Angeles Unified School District / USC Media Arts & Engineering Magnet
A produced Hollywood screenwriter and teacher with nearly 20 years experience, Matthew Waynee currently works at LAUSD / USC Media Arts & Engineering Magnet, where he serves as the head of its Cinematic Arts Department and co-chair of its annual Festival of Arts that takes place on USC's campus.  He has taught Filmmaking 1, 2, & 3, AP Studio Art, Documentary Filmmaking, Ad Design, Digital Photography, Yearbook, Animation, and Game Design.  He has written two grants that each won $25,000 from the Hollywood Foreign Press Association.  He has set up partnerships with DreamWorks Animation Studios, The L.A. Times, the Getty Center, Santa Monica's KCRW, the Young Storytellers, and The Wonderful Agency to give his students real world opportunities to create professional films and media projects.  In May of 2016, he was recognized for his work and received the National Teacher of the Year Award from Magnet Schools of America.