Fall Technical Assistance & Training Conference

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Sunday, October 9 @ 1:00 PM

Congressional Room

Magnet 'Shark' Tank

During the fall conference five companies will have 15 minutes to pitch their products and services during a fun presentation inspired by the hit television show Shark Tank.

Participants will put their best foot forward to showcase how they can help your school or district create more engaging and innovative learning environments.

Facilitator: Cari Kupec, MSAP Project Director | Brevard County Public Schools, Florida


Apps for Good     1:00pm

Apps for Good is a free programme for schools that helps students learn how to create apps that change their world.  It not only teaches coding but also wider employability skills and helps build self-confidence & a growth mindset, particularly for girls!

Debbie Forster, Co-Chief Executive Officer
Daniel Moix, Computer Science Education Specialist | Arkansas School for Mathematics & Arts


INCubatoredu   1:20pm
What happens when high school students don't go to class, but go to work as part of their school day, in the school building?  Learn how INCubatoredu uses entrepreneurship to engage students to develop 21st century skills - life skills - for the global economy.

Margarita Geleske, Executive Director


Unity EDU K12   1:40pm
Unity is a platform to develop interactive content such as video games and virtual reality. About 70% of all mobile games and 90% of all virtual reality experiences are developed using our technology.

A significant number of academic institutions and educational programs are also using Unity to teach STEM, increase digital literacy and get students excited about Computer Science, learning how to code by creating their own video game!

David Della Rocca, Senior Manager, Education Business Development


CN2, Inc.   2:00pm

CN2 brings learning to life through the power of Augmented Reality, the same technology that is driving force behind the Pokemon Go craze!  Come and discover how this revolutionary technology can also bring your core curriculum to life and engage and excite your students in ways never before imagined!

Margaret Martin, Chief Executive Officer
Ben Howard, Vice President of Operations


Asia Society | The International Studies Schools Network (ISSN)     Monday, October 10 @ 9:10am
The International Studies Schools Network (ISSN) offers magnet schools professional development support, tools and resources to further enhance the already-unique learning experience they are offering. ISSN works alongside schools to transform instruction, curriculum and assessment to ensure students are developing the global leadership skills needed for success in their futures. 

ISSN offers a transformative, customized school model, integrates seamlessly with what schools are already doing, and connects student learning with real-world skills. 

Kate Farmer, Associate Director of School Partnerships