Fall Technical Assistance & Training Conference

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Sunday, October 9 @ 2:30 PM

Breakout Session
Federal AB

Magnet Entrepreneurship
School Administrators | District Administrators 

STEMformation: Implementing a Culture of STEM

What if the budget season were a time for dreams and visions? What kind of magnet schools would we imagine for our own children and for the talented teachers in them?  Have you ever explored what your district leadership use to make decisions on budget, and better yet, budget cuts?  This interactive session is designed to help district leaders, teachers, and school districts rethink their priorities and budgeting process. Magnet schools and those in need of reform will explore some cage-busting thought patterns, moving toward a model of success, through empowerment and autonomy. 

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Jonathan Gerlach, International Consultant for STEM Education Initiatives, Discovery Education  
An Albert Einstein Distinguished Educator Fellow Emeritus and NASA STEM Endeavor Fellow, Jonathan has a deep background in STEM, including a  certification from Columbia University Teacher’s College in STEM Education with a  distinction in STEM Education Leadership, which he utilizes while providing his expertise in STEM Education, curriculum development,  professional development, coaching, and school culture transformation to school districts  globally. As an Albert Einstein Distinguished Educator Fellow, he worked in the U.S. Senate focusing on STEM education policy for the office of Sen. Michael Bennet  [CO]. Jonathan began his STEM education work in Hillsborough County Public Schools as a district level science resource where he was named the Florida Association of Science Teachers Science Teacher of the Year as well as the Florida Engineering Foundation STEM Educator of the Year. Jonathan has authored multiple publications on the topic including “All Teachers are STEM  Teachers” in EdWeek, “STEM: Defying a Simple Definition” and “Talking SMath” in NSTA Press as well as “Elementary Design Challenges” in Science & Children. As a thought leader, he has spoken at multiple conferences for STEM education, science education, and educational research as well as keynotes at numerous STEM events both nationally and internationally, including Canada, United Kingdom, Kuwait, and Egypt. His presentations range from Why STEM?, 21st  Century Skills and STEM, STEM: Beyond the 4 Letters, 4Cing the Future of STEM, STEM: A Context for Tech, as well as Cultural Change through STEM.