Fall Technical Assistance & Training Conference

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Monday, October 10 @ 1:30 PM

Breakout Session
Federal AB

Strategic Opportunities

Teachers | Magnet Coordinators | School Administrators

Don't be complacent - think strategically for longevity

Did you know that YOU can help your magnet school/program persevere for years and years to come? In this session, you will be taught how continued promotion, public relations, and marketing will help maintain strategic partners and community support. You will discover how showcasing your magnet schools/programs is valuable to sustainability and how creating an environment of continuous improvement will advance your school/program. You will recognize how identifying untapped resources, partnerships, and outside funding to continuing your magnet program after funding ends will be advantageous to your school/program’s future, and you will be encouraged to build capacity by having intentional conversations with families, businesses, and organizations. You will be shown how the use of talking points with the Superintendent, School Board, Chamber of Commerce, and other stakeholders is beneficial, and you will be reminded to always be mindful of potential opportunities to develop networks of support that will help overcome barriers.

Kelly Bucherie, Director of Magnet School Leadership, The National Institute of Magnet School Leadership, Magnet Schools of America
Kelly Bucherie recently served in the position of Assistant Superintendent/Academic Manager, where she supervised and coordinated the operations, program procedures, processes, and public relations of the Magnet Schools, Career and Technical Academies, and College of Southern Nevada High School campuses in Clark County School District in Las Vegas, Nevada. Additionally, Ms. Bucherie supervised the Department of Magnet and Career and Technical Academies, open enrollment, flexible budgeting for schools with granted autonomies, middle school curriculum initiative, and implementation of National Academies Foundation year of planning (YOP) schools. 

Her most recent work with the Public Education Foundation of Las Vegas, Executive Leadership Institute, has used her expertise in building administrative capacity with principals throughout the State of Nevada. She has further worked with the State's Regional Professional Development Program to deliver Nevada Educator's Performance Framework training to district administrators and teachers. As a team member of several previous NIMSL projects, Ms. Bucherie has consulted with districts providing program evaluation and action plans. Additionally, Ms. Bucherie was featured in WestEd's online tutorial for the Department of Education for an Evaluation Toolkit for the Magnet Schools Assistance Program.

She has served as the project manager for a MSAP federal grant and has worked to implement several magnet programs. Ms. Bucherie presents and trains locally and nationally on a variety of topics including theme integration, data dives, curriculum development, and supervision and evaluation. She also has evaluated magnet schools and programs in her previous district and at the national level. 


Cari Kupec, MSAP Project Director, Brevard Public Schools
Cari Kupec, holds a Bachelor’s degree in Education from University of Central Florida and a Master’s degree in Educational Leadership from Nova Southeastern University. Ms. Kupec has served 20 years with Brevard Public Schools and is the MSAP 2013 Project Director. She previously held positions as the Project Manager of Race to the Top, Assistant Principal, and Coordinating Teacher under MSAP funding. She has worked with students from diverse backgrounds as a classroom teacher, and enjoys the challenge of magnet school reform. Listening to the region members is very important, and she welcomes your opinions as she proudly represents Florida, Georgia, Alabama, Puerto Rico, and the Virgin Islands.