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Richfield Dual Language School (RDLS) K-5
Richfield Public Schools, MN

RDLS serves children in PreK-5 as a dual immersion magnet school.  Students learn from highly qualified bilingual teachers who provide instruction in Spanish part of the day and English part of the day with the intention of developing bilingual and bicultural individuals. Students achieve academically in both Spanish and English while developing cultural understanding. RDLS features:
  - Highly-qualified and fully bilingual staff with diverse cultural and language backgrounds
  - Classroom teachers, specialists and support staff attend to each student’s unique learning needs and work together to help every student excel
  - A warm, welcoming community extends genuine care and support to each student and family


Whittier International Baccalaureate Primary Years Programme (IB PYP) K-5
Minneapolis Public Schools, MN

Whittier's prestigious IB Primary Years Programme is a comprehensive approach to teaching and learning through which students become inquirers, critical thinkers and communicators via integrated units of study. IB PYP model develops the individual talents of learners and helps them relate experiences inside the classroom to the realities of the world outside the classroom, encouraging empowered citizenship and action. Whittier is one of three IB PYP schools within Minneapolis Schools, and is part of the K-12 IB pathway. 


Seward Montessori School K-8
Minneapolis Public Schools, MN

Based on theories and practices developed by Maria Montessori, Seward implements an individualized, self-directed approach using specifically designed Montessori materials, supporting students progressing at their own rate. Seward helps students draw upon their varied gifts and talents in order to become self-motivated and independent. Students learn in traditional, multi-age classrooms from Children’s House (pre-kindergarten) through E2 (4th/5th grades); middle school classrooms continue the spirit of self-motivated independence outside of the Montessori framework. Seward is one of two Montessori framework magnet schools within Minneapolis Schools.


North Academy of Arts & Communication | North STEM Academy 9-12
Minneapolis Public Schools, MN

North High is a small, college-preparatory school that consists of two academies Arts and Communications (NAAC) and Science, Technology, Engineering, Math (NSTEM). Students enrolled in NAAC have opportunities to excel in dance, theater, radio, video production, visual arts, music, and public speaking. The North STEM Academy offers incoming ninth graders a project-based learning approach as a means to studying Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. North's mission is to ensure that all students acquire the knowledge and skills to succeed in college and their chosen career path.


Glacier Hills Elementary School of Arts & Science K-5
District 196, MN

Glacier Hills Elementary offers an interdisciplinary approach to a rigorous core curriculum. Students engage in innovative and challenging instruction designed to enhance their natural curiosity and creativity. Teachers empower students to inquire, express and discover their unique abilities through a variety of experiences. Additional in-depth study of scientific concepts through authentic lab opportunities and quality integration of the arts provide students with a differentiated academic environment. Our media resource center, computer lab, 3D printers, laser cutter and wireless mobile labs extend the learning for all students. (Students will not be in session)


Cedar Park STEM Elementary 
District 196, MN

Students at Cedar Park use their innate ability to explore, experiment, problem solve and invent through engaged and sustained learning. The technology enhanced classrooms, environmentally conscious science and engineering labs, and outdoor learning areas provide opportunities for students to experience learning in active, real life environments. The inquiry based instructional program nurtures our students’ spirit of curiosity, questioning, reflection, and respect for evidence. Offsite field studies expand our students’ knowledge of the natural world and develop a level of personal responsibility for environmental stewardship. Community partnerships support and extend the relevant and engaging educational environment of Cedar Park STEM. (Students will not be in session)


Valley Middle School of STEM 6-8
District 196, MN

Valley Middle School of STEM is a magnet school that embeds the study of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics into a collaborative and diverse learning environment. Students receive a comprehensive education with a strong emphasis on experiential, hands-on, and inquiry-based learning that mirrors the world around them. Through interactive lessons, teachers assist students in forming their identities as lifelong learners and problem solvers. (Students will not be in session)