National Magnet School Month

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Magnet Schools of America is proud to announce that February is National Magnet School Month. Please help us raise awareness throughout the month. There are many ways for you to participate and get involved! 

Be sure to download a copy of the National Magnet School Month logo and post it on your school website, and highlight it on social media. You can also use it in your marketing and events materials.

If you haven't already, download our magnet school month proclamation and have your state and school district adopt it. Contact your governor's office, state legislators, and your school board members and ask them to pledge their support.  

How you can celebrate National Magnet School Month

Week 1 - Awareness Week

Help us create excitement for National Magnet School Month by sending out press releases, writing blogs, posting messages on Facebook and Twitter, writing letters to the editor, and contacting your local media outlets. On social media be sure to use the hashtag: #MagMonth and @MagnetSchlsMSA 

Week 2 - Scream Your Theme Week

This is your time to shine by organizing special activities and events at your school and in your community that screams your magnet theme.

Week 3 - Bring Your Elected Officials to Work Week

Invite your federal, state, and local elected officials to tour your school and learn about your magnet programs first hand. Here's a guide to get your started! 

Week 4 - Show Your Appreciation Week

Finish National Magnet School Month by taking time to show appreciation for the people that make your magnet school a success. Think of creative ways to say thank you to your teachers, principals, administrators, magnet coordinators, and staff.

We are very excited for this month long celebration of our nation's magnet schools and hope you will join us!