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Session Presentations:

Day 1

Sustaining High Achieving Magnet Schools: Transforming a Low Performing School to a Magnet School of Excellence
Jill Levine, Principal, Normal Park Musuem Magnet, Hamilton County Schools, TN

Defining and Interpreting the U.S. Department of Education's Guidance on Using Race in Student Selection
Maree Sneed, Senior Partner, Hogan Lovells, Washington, DC

Day 2

The Impact of Segregated Classes in Magnet Programs: How to Avoid an OCR Investigation
Maree Sneed, Senior Partner, Hogan Lovells, Washington, DC

Using Research to Support Your Magnet Program and Improve Evaluation Outcomes
Dr. Donna Elam, Director, Tampa Bay Educational Partnership, USF, FL

Developing the Evaluation Plan: A Quality Evaluation Provides the Data to Measure Progress and Support
David Kikoler and Elaine Rosales, American Education Solutions, and Dr. Jia Wang, CRESST

Preparing Your Own MSAP Application: Tips and Strategies Toward a Successful Application
Billie Moore, Former Director, Magnet and Gifted Education, Indianapolis Public Schools and Sara Wheeler, Richland School District Two

Day 3

Are Your Stars Aligned to Shoot for a MSAP Grant Now?
Marilyn Zlotnik and Claire Aulicino, Metis Associates, NY

Implementing the Magnet School Theme(s): How a Strong Process Fosters the Integration of Theme and Curriculum Standards
Dr. Gladys Pack and Joanne Smith, Consultants

Preparing the Project Design and Planning for Your Magnet School Theme(s): A Quality Design Starts with Solid Planning in Selecting the Theme(s) and Designing the Curriculum
Dr. Deidra K. Honeywell, President, DKH Consulting Services, Inc., FL

Don't Gamble with Opportunity: Student Selection with a Fair and Honest Lottery
Mallory Acrey, Business Development Manager, Firefly Digital, Inc., LA

Understanding Parents' Portfolio of Choice Options: What this Means for Magnet Schools
Alan Coverstone, Executive Director, Office of Innovation, Metropolitan Nashville Public Schools, TN

Day 4

Maximizing Innovation and Multiplying Community Assets: Magnet Schools at the Workplace
Dr. Claire Smrekar, Peabody College at Vanderbilt University, TN

Developing the Budget: Start with a Plan to Meet Your Project Objectives
Dr. Irving Phillips, Consultant, Education Planning and Consulting, CA

Handouts 1

Handouts 2

Improving School Diversity Through a Vibrant School Climate: Strategies for Program Implementation and Success
Scott Thomas, Executive Director, Magnet Schools of America, Washington, DC

Developing Grassroots Support for Your Magnet Program(s)
John Laughner, Legislative and Communications Manager, Magnet Schools of America, Washington, DC

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