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Summer STEM & Leadership Institute 

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Connecting the Dots for Sustainability: Specialized Theme Schools and Programs

Tampa, Florida

August 1-3, 2013

Hosted by Hillsborough County Public Schools at the Embassy Suites Tampa - Downtown Convention Center, Florida, the conference will spark the conversation around the following Essential Questions:
- What is STEM?
- What are the leadership components necessary to support STEM education?
- How do we support the specialized curriculum & instruction needs of STEM?
- What are the expected outcomes of successful STEM education?

Sessions will focus on one of the following MSA Leadership Framework Elements:

Foundations of Magnet School Leadership
- Magnets As A Strong School Choice Option
- Community Engagement: Partnering with Parents and the Community 
- Successful Community Partnerships
- Community Partner Enriches Curriculum

Instructional Leadership
- Diversity in Instruction and Learning
- Science Standards and Instruction
- High Quality Instructional Delivery and Learning Systems
- Lesson Plans for STEM and Common Core

Organizational Leadership
- Professional Learning Communities and Virtual Learning Communities
- Advanced Placement Summer Institute Overview

Putting It All Together
- Evaluation and Accountability
- Sustainability
- MSAP Funding: Now You Have It! Now You Don't
- School Presentations

Conference Overview - Schedule of Events* 

Thursday, August 1 - Foundations of Magnet School Leadership

10:00 am


12:00 pm     

Opening Luncheon Keynote

2:15 pm

Concurrent Sessions

3:45 pm 

Concurrent Sessions

5:00 pm

Networking Reception 


Friday, August 2 - Instructional & Organizational Leadership

7:30 am


9:00 am 


10:45 am

Concurrent Sessions

12:15 pm

Luncheon Keynote

2:30 pm  

Concurrent Sessions

4:00 pm

Working Sessions


Saturday, August 3 - Evaluation and Accountability  

7:30 am


8:30 am

General Session

9:45 am 

Concurrent Sessions

11:00 am 

Closing Session

*Tentative schedule; may subject to change
**The Embassy Suites provides a full complimentary breakfast for all hotel guests. 




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Policies and Procedures

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A $50 fee will be assessed after July 12, 2013 to transfer registration from one individual to another.  Registration transfer requests must be submitted in writing via email to AND by July 19, 2013.

Registration fees may not be credited to membership or future MSA events. 

Payment must be received within 21 days of registration.


Please mail all checks to: Magnet Schools of America | 1909 K Street, NW Suite C-140 | Washington, DC 20006

All registrations with purchase orders (PO): please include current PO number in the billing section of the online registration form,
along with a copy of the PO (file may be uploaded). If your PO has not been generated, please email a copy of the document to
Judy Shen at or fax to 202-737-0100 within 10 business days of registering.

Credit Card payments may be submitted via online registration through PayPal.

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Only cash, credit/debit card or corporate/district pre-printed checks will be accepted.

Embassy Suites Downtown Tampa

The Embassy Suites Tampa - Downtown Convention Center

513 South Florida Avenue
Tampa, Florida, 33602