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School Site Visits

October 28, 2013


Southwest CTA,  an Apple Distinguished School, is a career and technical magnet high school that offers eleven distinct program areas of study. Whether it is in the automotive technology facility or the culinary kitchens or the IT computer labs, Southwest CTA has established a positive learning and technology-rich culture. By utilizing mobile devices and computers, Southwest CTA engages all students in a 21st century learning environment. Visitors to Southwest CTA will observe a variety of digital teaching and learning throughout all core and magnet program classes. 

Rancho High School offers two programs, the Aviation Academy and the Medical Academy.  The Private Pilot Training program includes the fundamentals of flight, space travel, and rocketry, as well as the opportunity to earn a Private Pilot License. Aerospace Engineering offers students interested in designing and building airplanes the academic foundation necessary for successful entry into a university-level engineering program. The Medical Academy offers pre-medical programs for students interested in becoming medical doctors, veterinarians, nurses, dentists, or pharmacists. Students may also learn basics skills employed in biotechnical laboratories, including DNA extraction and genetic engineering.



Northwest Career and Technical Academy is a "5 Star" Clark County School District High School and Magnet School of Distinction (2013, 2011, 2010) that provides students with a choice of 10 program areas.  Project-based, hands-on curriculum allows students to be prepared for future careers in business and industry.  The LEED-certified campus (Silver distinction) supplies students with the cutting-edge technology and professional training necessary to "soar to new heights".  Additionally, by offering a full range of Honors and Advanced Placement coursework, NWCTA prepares students for a variety of post-secondary educational options.

West Career & Tech Academy is a four-year comprehensive career and technical high school that provides students with a college preparatory curriculum, in addition to course work unique to their specific program of study. Students can select from nine exciting programs, including: Pre-Medical Studies, Biotechnology, Nursing, Sports Medicine, Civil and Environmental Engineering, Environmental Science, Business Management, Computer Animation, and Information Technology Management. WCTA provides a strong foundation in academic knowledge while utilizing a technology-rich curriculum and project-based learning to make students competitive in our global economy. Small learning communities, community partnerships, and internships provide opportunities for students to actively participate in their education and develop skills necessary for success in the 21st century. 


At Mabel Hoggard, students participate in a rigorous academic curriculum with an emphasis on science, mathematics and technology.  Our philosophy is that students learn best through inquiry-based, hands- on academic programs that set high expectations, offer balanced curriculum, and include a variety of teaching styles, as well as differentiated instruction.  The curriculum is highly motivational with interactive hands on math and science experiences enhanced through technology.  A tour at Mabel Hoggard will include a visit to science labs, advanced math classes, our Nevada Museum, the animal lab, gardens, and classrooms.

Walter Bracken STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, The Arts, and Mathematics) Academy has transformed our campus into a creative learning environment that you will not want to miss.  On the tour you will get to see our three science labs, Lego lab, gardens, tortoise habitats, Jr. Chef cooking area, and the classrooms.  A highlight of the classrooms is the technology used, including one to one iPads. Tour participants will walk away with lots of ideas and inspiration.


Participants visiting Valley High School will have the opportunity to learn about two very successful and veteran programs. Our International Baccalaureate Program has been established since 1979 and has had an amazing amount of success stories as the programs curriculum is the most rigorous available to a high school student. The Academy of Hospitality and Tourism was established in 1994 through the collaborative efforts of the Las Vegas Convention and Visitor's Authority and the Clark County School District. Through its partnership with the National Academy Foundation, the College of Southern Nevada, and the University of Nevada Las Vegas students have the opportunity to earn numerous college credits and learn about the wonderful world of hospitality. 

Roy Martin Middle School is continuing a district one to one instigative using iPads in the classroom.  Teachers help to foster a creative learning environment allowing students to express themselves using 21st Century skills.  Students create projects following the IB Design Cycle preparing students for high school and beyond.

Sandy Searles Miller School is a globally recognized International Baccalaureate (IB) Primary Years Program, and the first school in Nevada to receive the top magnet school award in the USA (2008, Simpson Award). The Magnet Schools of America has awarded Miller with Excellence and Distinction awards for the past five years. Miller is recognized as a Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) school and is a member of the state STEM coalition. As an IB school, Miller provides Spanish instruction to all students. Students are involved in their learning through inquiry and discovery in an internationally-relevant and rigorous program of study.