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Clarence A. Piggott Academy of International Studies

Level: Elementary School

Grades: K-5

Year Magnet Program Established: 2014

Magnet Type: Whole School

School Type: Suburban

Magnet School Enrollment: 600

Total School Enrollment: 680

Programs offered: International Baccalaureate Primary Years Programme Curriculum: Inquiry Based Learning, Concept-Based, Spanish Language Instruction, International Studies, Global Citizenship

Unique School Features: Engineering Lab, Second Language, Garden Awards/Distinctions: Apple Core Reading contest winner

School Website:

Sheila Tarr Academy of International Studies

Level: ​Elementary School

Grades:​ K-5

Year Magnet Program Established:​ 2015

Magnet Type: ​Whole school

School Type:​ Suburban

Magnet School Enrollment:​ 581

Total School Enrollment: ​581

Programs offered: ​International Baccalaureate Primary Years Programme

Curriculum:​ Focus on Environmental Studies, Inquiry-Based learning

Unique School Features:​ 3 Teaching Gardens, Pond, Energy Club, Green Our Planet Collaboration, Shark Reef at Mandalay Bay Recycling Program

Awards/Distinctions:​ Life is Beautiful Artist Contribution Recipient, State Grant for Gardens and Southern Nevada Water Association Grant Recipient, Donors Choose Awards, Happy Calendar Art Contest Student WInner, Inclusive Practices Seminar Student Winners

School Website: