Making Headlines

One of the key missions of Magnet Schools of America is to raise public awareness of the benefits and accomplishments of magnet schools. Our organization proactively engages major media outlets to share this good news. Below are examples of this work.

Associated Press (AP) - Education Secretary DeVos pledges support for magnet schools

Education Secretary Betsy DeVos on Wednesday pledged support for magnet schools in a bid to repair ties with proponents of public education in the wake of a bruising confirmation battle, but also slammed her critics for rejecting innovation and change. In one of her first public speeches since taking office last week, DeVos praised magnet schools for showing strong academic results, combating segregation and striving for equity. Keep Reading

Washington Post - DeVos: Protesters show hostility to change, new ideas in education

Betsy DeVos' confirmation has stoked fears about undermining public schools, in large part because of the secretary of Education's full-throated support for school vouchers. But if the last few days have been any indication, DeVos is trying to put a friendlier face on the idea of school choice. So far, she hasn't mentioned vouchers as a priority at all — and today she spoke to a trade association for magnet schools. Keep Reading

New York Times - Integrating the New York Schools

"What Would It Take to Integrate Our Schools?," The answer should include more magnet schools, the original form of public school choice. By offering theme-based curriculums - science, math, performing arts, world languages and more - these elementary and secondary schools promote school diversity and innovation. Keep Reading

The Hill - Solving school segregation is not rocket science

In 1968, the United States launched Apollo 8, the first manned spacecraft to orbit the moon and return safely. In that same year but with much less publicity, Tacoma Public Schools launched the nation’s first magnet school, McCarver Elementary School, in an attempt to diversify its segregated school system. Keep Reading

Miami Herald - Urban education: Tale of two stories

It is one of the oldest, most heartwarming stories in literature. A young writer, born to a hardscrabble existence, chooses a path where his brilliance is recognized, encouraged, mentored, and catapulted towards greatness.

This is the path that playwright and actor Tarell Alvin McCraney took. He grew up in a tough part of Miami, with a mom who struggled through drug addiction until losing her life to AIDS. Tarell's path took him through New World School of the Arts (NWSA), a magnet school that is part of Miami-Dade County Public Schools. Keep Reading

Education Week - Follow the Numbers: Magnet Schools Outperform Charters

Based on the spring results of the California Smarter Balanced assessments, the Los Angeles Unified School District recently announced that 55 percent of the district's magnet students met or exceeded state standards in English/language arts, compared with 39 percent in charters, 33 percent in the LAUSD overall, and 44 percent in traditional schools statewide. The breakdown of math results followed a similar pattern. Keep Reading

Chattanooga Times Free Press - Magnet schools shine a spotlight that reaches all the kids in the district

When John first came to my school, he was a sixth- grader who missed 68 days of school in the previous year and was reading at the second-grade level. We tried all the conventional ways to keep him in school - home visits, police visits, court appearances - but nothing worked. Keep Reading

The Hill -   Federal funding cuts threaten school innovation and choice in Minnesota

Every morning, the scene in front of Glacier Hills Elementary School of Arts & Science is always one of excitement, whether it's the middle of the semester or even the start of the school year. Everyone-or practically everyone, perhaps-is happy to get to class. It is what you would expect at one of the top schools in the state of Minnesota. Keep Reading 

LA School Report - Magnet schools: The answer to LAUSD’s enrollment problem?

LA Unified’s former and current superintendents and several school board members have all recently made laudatory statements about the district’s magnet schools, touting their performance and highlighting their importance to the future of the district. Keep Reading

The Day - Educational investment that works and is affordable

For the past four years, the Marine Science Magnet High School (MSMHS) of Southeastern Connecticut received an average of 400 applications for its incoming freshman class. Like every magnet school in Connecticut, it used a lottery process to randomly select the 73 students who get in. Keep Reading

Politico - More Money for Magnet Schools?

Education secretary Betsy DeVos will speak to members of Magnet Schools of America this afternoon in her first public address as secretary outside of the Education Department. DeVos and President Donald Trump have vowed to expand so-called school choice options for students, explicitly naming magnet schools as one of those options. Keep Reading

U.S. News and World Report - DeVos Fires Back at Protesters

Education Secretary Betsy DeVos shot back at protesters who last week temporarily blocked her from entering a public school in the nation's capital, saying Wednesday that the incident showed how "hostile" some are to change. "The protesters' behavior is a reflection of the way some seek to treat our education system – by keeping kids in and new thinking out," DeVos said during a keynote address to a policy and training conference for the nonprofit association Magnet Schools of America. "Friday's incident demonstrates just how hostile some people are to change and to new ideas." Keep Reading

Education Week - DeVos Says Protesters Are a Sign of Hostility to Change in K-12

U.S. Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos kicked off her first public speech Wednesday by casting the protestors who sought to block her from visiting a Washington, D.C., middle school last week as part of a divisive opposition that's resistant to fresh ideas...And DeVos, who didn't face protestors Wednesday, praised magnet schools, which are public schools organized around a particular subject area such as arts or technology, as "the original school choice option." Keep Reading

The Hill - What DeVos needs now is a great public school education

Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos had a contentious first week in office, beginning with her visit to Jefferson Middle School in my home city of Washington, D.C. We all saw the protesters as she attempted her first school tour. While I understand the protestors’ frustrations, here’s what’s wrong with that scene: The doors of our public schools should never be closed to those who seek to learn more about them. And it is absolutely imperative that our Secretary of Education understands them. Keep Reading