Magnets in the News

Sheff At 25: Remarkable Results, Challenges Ahead  

Just a few blocks from a juvenile detention center, in a Hartford neighborhood once plagued by gang violence, sits the best high school in Connecticut.

UWS School Transforms into Museum for a Day

The halls of a local K-8 school were transformed into a series of museum exhibitions Wednesday as part of a biannual celebration of students' work.

Court Unhappy with School District's Plan  

In January 2013, a federal judge overseeing Cowan v. Cleveland School District, ordered that junior high and high school students could attend any school they wanted. The Department of Justice appealed that ruling to the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals.   

Blythe earns national magnet school honors 

Blythe Elementary School in Huntersville has received national recognition as a leader in magnet school education. 

Why Integration Matters in Schools   

Desegregation may seem like a distant memory to many and an unknown experience to the rest, but integrated schools are no less important today than they were 60 years ago.

Google Glass on trial run in Batesville school 

Kelsie Wilson, first-grade teacher at West Magnet School in Batesville, tries on a Google Glass-augmented reality device.

Arts Schools Network Announces 2014-2016 Exemplary Schools 

Arts Schools Network, the nation's largest professional membership organization of specialized arts schools, has designated nineteen Exemplary Schools for 2014-2016.

Prodigy Class' Graduates From University High School 

All 73 members of the "Prodigy Class" have enrolled in college and 77 percent have earned college credit from the school's early college initiative, which encourages students to take classes at UHart. 

Wake magnet school earns second national award

A.B. Combs Leadership Elementary School was named the top magnet school in the country by the Magnet Schools of America on Friday at its annual conference. A.B. Combs is the first magnet to twice win the Dr. Ronald P. Simpson Distinguished Merit Award, named after the national nonprofit group's founder. The school also won in 2006.

Midlands Educator Named President-Elect of Magnet Schools of America

A Midlands educator has been named the president-elect of Magnet Schools of America. Sara Wheeler was sworn in to her new role last week at the Magnet Schools of America's annual conference in Connecticut. 

Magnet schools compare notes at conference

For the first time ever, Connecticut is hosting the annual conference of Magnet Schools of America, and on Friday, magnet schools from southeastern Connecticut got a chance to show off.

The Story of Tennessee's Normal Park Museum Magnet

When I was hired in 2002 as the Principal of Normal Park Museum Magnet School in Chattanooga, Tenn., the school was in crisis - with failing test scores, a dilapidated building, and low enrollment. My job was to transform the school into a museum magnet school.

Students Tell Officials High Cost of Private College Limits Their Choices

U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan, Connecticut Education Commissioner Stefan Pryor, Gov. Dannel Malloy and both of Connecticut's U.S. senators listened to graduating seniors at University High School of Science and Engineering, a magnet school at the University of Hartford.

Magnet Schools Morphing into Museums

A Hollywood elementary school will morph into a museum on Wednesday - its hallways becoming exhibition corridors; its students turning into docents. 

Holding up the middle

New programs keep STEM education in focus for students between elementary and high schools.

"Not...a magnet" part of this year's criteria for Blue Ribbon school nomination in Louisiana

Louisiana excluded magnet schools from this year's nominations for the federal Education Department's Blue Ribbon School of Excellence honors. 

Inside look at the new Career Magnet Academy

At Career Magnet Academy in Knoxville, TN, set to open in six months, students will have the opportunity to choose one of four career paths: advanced manufacturing, homeland security, sustainable living, or teacher preparation. This magnet is first of its kind, as it is on the campus of a community college, providing students with unique opportunities to gain insight to higher education and careers.

Los Angeles magnet school shows off successful STEM and AP program

The Los Angeles Center for Enriched Studies, a prestigious magnet school focused on science, technology, engineering, and math curricula, is breaking the mold for lower-income, minority students. 

Science Week puts STEM in the spotlight

In Buffalo, Science, technology, engineering and math took the spotlight last week at the first city-wide Science Week, a series of activities designed to highlight the importance of the STEM fields to Western New York's innovation economy.

New program uses art to teach high school students about science 

Four schools are rolling out new "STEAM" magnet programs. Teachers say STEAM programs are about exploring students' creativity. In biology class, students create models of DNA after extracting it from a strawberry, or draw the anatomy of a fetal pig before they dissect it. 

USF health puts medical careers in focus for Tampa students

Representatives of USF Health are trying to help Ferrell Middle Magnet School and Franklin Middle Magnet School (both Title I schools) sustain their successes in academic gains - and show the students possible future paths - through a series of recent career days.

Performance, standards of 'traditional' magnet schools in N.Va. prove alluring to parents  

Arlington County has magnet schools for Spanish immersion; science and math; Montessori; and hands-on, nature-based learning. Another popular option is harder to describe: Arlington Traditional School.     

Tech Projects That Support Big Ideas

Jennifer Anderson, iPad U teacher at Heritage E-STEM Magnet School, helps her students become content producers whose learning reaches beyond the classroom.

Duval Superintendent Nikolai Vitti wants open enrollment for all public schools

Parents in Duval County may soon be able to freely pick their child's public school for the next school year, regardless of neighborhood or school feeder pattern...

Georgia Tech engineering dean, students visit Richmond County Technical Career Magnet School

Up, down and all around - the expertise of engineers is most everywhere you look. A Super Soaker water gun, a snowboard, and Slip 'N Slide were all designed by engineers, Georgia Tech College of Engineering...  

New public school to offer local kids a global outlook

Tony Gerlicz - sporting a tie with images of children from around the world - spoke with parents and students about Santa Fe Public Schools' first International Baccalaureate school, set to open in August.

New London Home to Magnet School Teacher of the Year

Janet Farquhar stands out among her peers throughout New England, New York and New Jersey, and she now has a chance at being named the national magnet school teacher of the year. 

UA program offers local enrichment courses

A mother of two students who attend the magnet school, said she has seen the joy the program brings her children, who have taken subjects...

Magnet Elementary School Sets Bar for Journalism, Technology Students

While many students aspire to be journalists, photographers or computer techs, they sometimes lack the proper equipment to learn. But one school in MISD is setting the bar for hands-on learning.

Beverlye Magnet School Participate In "Shark Tank" Type Program

Students at one wiregrass school got a chance to see what is like to start their own non-profit organization. Eighth graders at Beverlye Magnet School...

Magnet Schools Find a Renewed Embrace in Cities

The number of children in Miami-Dade County attending magnet programs — which admit students from anywhere in the district and focus on themes like art, law or technology — has grown by 35 percent in the past four years.