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Supervisory Education Program Specialist - U.S. Department of Education, Magnet Schools Assistance Program (MSAP)

Serves as a nationally recognized authority on the magnet school concept and the MSAP program. Provides professional leadership and guidance to department and school districts in planning, developing, and carrying out the MSAP program. Also provides leadership and expertise in improving and evaluation the MSAP program. Develops, tests and applies new program approaches and innovative techniques to better meet the program's goals. Oversees a professional staff and provides overall direction and policy guidance on MSAP program. Plans work to be accomplished by subordinates, sets and adjusts short-term priorities, and prepares schedules for completion of work; assigns work to subordinates based on priorities and the capabilities of employees. Evaluates the work performance of subordinates; gives advice, counsel, or instruction to employees on both work and administrative matters; finds ways to improve production or increase the quality of the work directed; develops performance standards, assures reasonable equity in the assessment of subordinates of the adequate of contractor capability or of contactor completed work. Provides consultant services to top-level officials of ED, state and local agencies, institutions and organizations. Provides authoritative technical assistance in developing, planning, and evaluating programs.

Develops program regulations, guidelines and other criteria that serve to promote program responsiveness and effectiveness. Analyzes developments and keeps abreast of trends related to the program to which assigned. Incorporates and adapts such developments into program plans and initiatives that offer promising solutions to long-standing or controversial program issues and problems. Analyzes and evaluates on a quantitative/qualitative basis the effectiveness of line program operations in meeting established goals and objectives; providing technical assistance to grantees on the collection of GPRA performance data. Plans and manages all MSAP related grant competitions, which includes the development of the grant announcement; organizing the application review process; recruiting, recommending, and training reviewer for grant applications; and developing the final slate of applications recommended for funding. Provides technical assistance to potential applications and grantees; and manages the monitoring of grants to ensure federal funds are used in accordance with program regulations and promotes project success. Initiates, plans, and conducts regional or national meetings, workshops and seminars. Represents the Department at a variety of meetings and conferences and maintains effective relationships with professional groups and other organizations. 

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