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Principal, C.B. Jennings Dual Language and International Elementary Magnet

New London Public Schools is seeking…A dynamic and driven school principal to lead Grades PK-5 at C. B. Jennings Dual Language and International Elementary Magnet. 

The candidate must have:

  • Demonstrated, successful teaching and leadership experience in Dual Language Education and International Education programs/instruction; 
  • Knowledge of magnet school program development and implementation;  
  • Proven ability to supervise and lead staff in a way that is firm, fair, effective, and consistent; and 
  • Strong knowledge of responsive instruction in all domains (e.g., academics, behavior, social-emotional learning), etc.  

A strong candidate would also have:  

  • Demonstrated knowledge and experience of programs/services for English Learners; 
  • Knowledge of methods in Bilingual Education and Inquiry-based learning;
  • Demonstrated leadership in a racially and ethnically diverse community; 
  • Proven Spanish proficiency; and  
  • Knowledge and experience with International Baccalaureate (IB) Primary Years Program (PYP) 

The principal of C.B. Jennings School will plan, administer, and supervise programming that meets the educational needs and interests of its students and promotes their maximum development and performance. Become a part of our small, unique, school system located on Connecticut’s shoreline! 

Join us as New London transforms into a full, regional, magnet school district with four educationally excellent K-12 magnet pathways in STEM education, the Arts, Language and Culture, and Leadership. 

For more information about these postings, please contact Grace Sanchez, Human Resources Specialist, at 

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Posted: February 3, 2017

Principal, Clara Barton Open School

Clara Barton Open School is a magnet school offering a program built around the philosophy of Open Education. Open Education refers to a style of teaching that values student choices in the educational process, hands-on learning experiences, integration of curricular areas, and regular opportunities for cooperative, small group learning experiences. These principles emphasize student centered learning (learning that is experiential, holistic, authentic and challenging), cognitive learning (valuing deep understandings of concepts through higher order thinking and constructivist inquiry), social learning (viewing learning as socially constructed and interactive) and democratic learning (seeing the classroom and the school as a model of what it means to live in a democratic society). The Barton School community is committed to progressive education values and maintaining Barton’s integrity as a school and a model for other Open schools.

When selecting our next principal, we will look for someone who:

  • Brings a clear, informed, knowledgeable, experienced, and enthusiastic vision for Open Education and its ideals
  • Believes that all students want to learn, can be leaders, and want to have positive behaviors
  •  Ability to collaborate and communicate effectively with staff, students, families, and community members
  •  Visible and actively present in the building for Barton community
  • Ability to build relationships and connect with students across grades K-8
  • Actively seeks and incorporates input from multiple perspectives that mirror the building demographics
  • Demonstrated will, skill, knowledge, capacity and commitment to lead staff towards equitable academic and social/emotional learning in a K-8 setting
  • Understands the proper use of data in considering effective instructional strategies appropriate in an Open school
  • Ability to provide equitable support and feedback to all staff
  • High academic expectations within the context of progressive education
  • Ability to challenge and support educators to develop innovative practices
  • Ability to maintain a joyful, respectful and safe school environment
  • Ability to advocate and work effectively with the district for: the needs of Barton students, the integrity of progressive education and the K-8 status of Barton
  •  Supports positive student behavior and school climate through Responsive Classroom practices
  • Finds and implements solutions to address achievement gaps
  • Welcomes and utilizes involvement of parents
  • Encourages and utilizes shared leadership
  • Models high level of integrity and responsibility
  • Committed to unique, high-level programming (including after-school programs, multi-age classrooms, project-based learning, goal-setting conferences, portfolios, all-school morning meetings) and actively and visibly promotes these programs
  • Embraces, renews, and honors the culture and rituals that have been created at Barton as well as the cultures that shape Barton and its students

Our ideal principal candidate will have these qualities and skills:



Committed to equity                                         

Life-long learner                                           

Has integrity and humility

Hard working 

Energetic, visible                                                                                          

Progressive Educator







Contact Information: Please Contact Daniel Glass at or by phone at
612-668-0477 if you are interested in learning more about the application process for this position. 

School Website:    

District Website:

Posted: January 19, 2017

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