Pillars of Magnet Schools

Mission Statement

Providing leadership for high quality innovative instructional programs that promote choice, equity, diversity, and academic excellence for all students.

The MSA Board of Directors approved a new strategic vision for the organization that will help create and shape the future of magnet schools across the nation.  MSA will not only continue to be relevant to our membership, but the strategic vision will create a path to more fully live out our organizational mission.


  • Diversity is a cornerstone to offering students a global educational experience. Schools, through recruitment and lotteries, strive to have student populations that are reflective of the community.  Culturally competent educational environments model empathy, respect, and working collaboratively with a variety of persons.
  • Innovative Curriculum and Professional Development is developed to assure theme-based relevant instruction to students. Effective teaching strategies, emulating from best practices, are implemented through the inclusion of the school’s theme.  Curriculum is based on high quality rigorous standards that prepare students for higher education and career success.
  • Academic Excellence is demonstrated through a commitment to multi-dimensional instruction focused on learner needs. Multiple assessment strategies are employed to monitor student learning, progress, and success. High expectations are clearly articulated and personalized supports are in place to address the interests and aspirations of all students.
  • High Quality Instructional Systems are rooted in well-prepared, well-educated professional educators. Teachers and administrators who are student-centered, collaborative, and inquisitive prepare learners to be world ready, workforce ready, and higher education ready.
  • Family and Community Partnerships are mutually beneficial, offer a system of support, shared ownership, and a caring spirit and are designed to enhance a theme integrated educational environment. Partnerships with parents are essential for a rich educational experience for students. Community partnerships include a diverse array of stakeholders including business, health and human services, and policy makers to support the education of all students.

Goals and Objectives

 with its members and partners, Magnet Schools of America will

  • Be the recognized school choice leader for equitable education and international diversity
  • Be the leading resources for innovation in integrated theme based teaching and learning
  • Have technology-rich accessible services to support the needs of the magnet community
  • Serve as the public voice for exemplar magnet schools and high-quality instructional practices
  • Influence and impact policy and research locally and nationally
  • Have significant relationships and partnerships supporting diversity, educational reform, and community and family engagement.