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Membership: Why Become a Member of MSA?

 COMMUNITY: Magnet school teachers and administrators love connecting with one another to share best practices and strategies for success. Eight regional directors serve as leaders and resources in their communities to provide a more localized experience for members. Our online members-only portal also allows members to connect in an online community.

2. INFORMATION: Members have exclusive access to MSA’s monthly eChoice newsletter, grant information, and job postings. We provide regular updates on federal education legislation and its impact on magnet schools.

3. RECOGNITION: Magnet Schools of America recognizes excellence each year during the National Conference on Magnet Schools. Our competitive Merit Awards program honors outstanding magnet schools and programs in our members. We also select the National Magnet School Principal of the Year and Teacher of the Year from member schools.

4. TRAINING: Magnet Schools of America is committed to its mission of providing leadership for high-quality, innovative instructional programs that promote choice, equity, diversity, and academic excellence for all students. We offer numerous professional development opportunities to magnet school administrators and teachers throughout the year. We host between two and four conferences annually, as well as monthly webinars on a variety of topics, accessible to by archive for all members.

5. SAVINGSMembers always get reduced rates on conference registrations and NIMSL services. We also partner with book publishers to offer discounts on a monthly featured book.


Magnet school excellence is paramount at Magnet Schools of America. We developed the National Institute of Magnet School Leadership (NIMSL) to provide technical assistance to schools and districts across the nation to ensure they are equipped to provide high-quality instructional programs that promote choice, equity, diversity, and academic excellence for all students.

NIMSL works closely with schools and districts to design custom support to meet each school’s unique needs. Our consultants have decades of experience in magnet school design, leadership, marketing, curriculum, and instruction – among other areas.

To find out more, please visit our NIMSL page