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Read the latest blog post from our National Teacher of the Year, Ron Hustvedt, Jr. as he shares his lessons learned from the classroom. Ron will post new articles every month and will also share stories about your programs. 

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Stay informed of all the latest educational policy developments from Washington, DC and around the country through our Policy Insider Blog. Let this be your source of critical analysis on emerging issues that may impact your school or district. 

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Please register for one of our upcoming webinars sponsored by the National Institute for Magnet School Leadership. These webinars will be held throughout the school year and will help you develop stronger programs and become highly effective educators. View the current schedule

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33rd National Conference on
Magnet Schools

Hosted by Wake County Public Schools

The Raleigh Convention Center
Raleigh, North Carolina
April 22-25, 2015

The MSA National Conference is an integral component of our mission of providing leadership for high-quality, innovative, instructional programs that promote choice, diversity, equity, and academic excellence for all students. Participants experience a wide spectrum of professional development opportunities that promote equity and diversity through outstanding keynote speakers, networking opportunities, and general and breakout sessions on topics including best practices, innovative instruction, technology, and theme integration in magnet education. Attendees also will visit magnet schools at all grade levels focused on various themes within the host district.  

Workshop strands:

Leadership for New Schools (Leadership)
Engage! Encouraging Parent-advocates (Advocacy, Engagement Strategies, Models for Parent Leadership) 
Growing 21st Century Learners (Curriculum & Instruction) 
Anticipating the Future (Staffing - Growing Magnet Teachers)
Considering Our Challenges (Magnet School Design, Sustainability)
Your School Community (Community Relations) 

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Featured Speakers:

Sir Ken Robinson, Educationalist, Author and Speaker

An internationally recognized authority in creativity and innovation in education and business, Sir Ken Robinson is also one of the world’s leading speakers. Videos of his famous talks to the prestigious TED Conference are the most viewed in the history of the organization and have been seen by an estimated 300 million people in over 150 countries.

Curtis Linton is executive vice president and co-owner of School Improvement Network, where he oversees all content and product development. The resources produced by Curtis and his team support administrators, principals and teachers in increasing their effectiveness as educators, so they can succeed in helping 100% of students become college and career ready. 


Learn "How To" Design/Refine Your Magnet Toolkit


The Raleigh Convention Center
Raleigh, North Carolina 

Sunday, April 26, 2015


This one day, interactive Professional Development Workshop will provide planning strategies, relevant research, and a design framework for new and modified magnet programs. PRESENTATIONS WILL ADDRESS FIVE "KEY" MAGNET TOOLKIT AREAS TO AVOID GAPS IN PROGRAM IMPLEMENTATION.

1. Selection of Schools and Students 
2. Selection of Themes
3. Transforming Low Performing Schools to High Quality Magnet Schools
4. Building and Sustaining Partnerships
5. Evaluation


Program Planners & Evaluators; Curriculum & Evaluation Specialists; School and District Administrators; Marketing, Recruiting Staff; and Magnet Coordinators & Teachers


Success Stories

Over the last few years, Collinswood Language Academy, a K-8 magnet school in Charlotte, North Carolina that serves about 750 students, has made remarkable strides as the state’s first dual language program. This once failing school now ranks first among all kindergarten through eighth grade schools in its district for meeting federal and state annual measurable objectives. Keep Reading...