Dr. Michelle Frazier

Dr. Michelle Frazier

Past President (2012-2014)

Elementary Magnet Schools Coordinator

Chicago Public Schools
125 S. Clark Street
Chicago, IL 60603
773.553.5104 (phone)
773.553.2061 (fax)


Dr. Michelle Frazier is the Elementary Magnet Schools Coordinator for the Office of Curriculum and Instruction of the Chicago Public Schools. Dr. Frazier is a native of Chicago and a product of the Chicago Public Schools who has spent 29 years living her lifelong dream, to educate children. While at the Chicago Public Schools system, she was the Grants Manager for the Office of Academic Enhancement and has taught all levels from kindergarten through eighth grade. Dr. Frazier has also attended Montessori and International Baccalaureate program training. Her participation in this training provided her with a clearer understanding of each program and the process involved in order for schools to effectively implement the curricula. Dr. Frazier used the knowledge gained from the training programs to conduct workshops and informational meetings for parents and community organizations. She is involved in many aspects of the educational setting and is experienced in diverse and multicultural environments.