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Suder Montessori Magnet School Magnet Elementary School (PK-8)

THEME: Montessori

Suder Montessori Magnet School provides a rigorous academic education using Montessori methods and materials. Each classroom is provided with materials carefully designed to demonstrate academic concepts through independent learning and creative problem-solving. Montessori classrooms encourage social interaction for cooperative learning, peer teaching, and emotional development. Suder teachers are certified by the American Montessori Society as well as by the State of Illinois. Suder’s curriculum is further enhanced by a special emphasis on the arts: musical instrument instruction, ballroom dancing, and fine art, in addition to providing community based and outdoor experiential education opportunities.

LaSalle II Magnet School (K-8)

THEME: World Language

In 2008, Chicago Public Schools opened LaSalle II.  Our mission at LaSalle II is to not only provide the highest quality of programs across the core subject areas, but to also educate our students about other cultures and to teach them to communicate in critical languages spoken around the world. As part of the daily curriculum, students participate in world language instruction in Arabic, French, Chinese, or Spanish. Kindergarteners attend language classes three times a week, while first through eighth grade attend four times each week.  LaSalle II’s curriculum is based on the Common Core State Standards and performance descriptors for reading, language arts, and math.  Social studies and science curricula are based on the Illinois State Standards and performance descriptors.  World language curricula are based on the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages National Standards for Foreign Language Education.  Teachers align these standards with learning experiences, instructional texts, and materials.  Eligible seventh and eighth graders participate in a language immersion trip or exchange for each world language.

Jones College Preparatory High School (9-12)

THEME: Selective Enrollment

Jones College Prep is the premier college prep high school in Chicago’s educational and cultural corridor. As a selective enrollment school, Jones draws students from every part of the city and has the most ethically and socio-economically diverse student population among the top CPS high schools. Jones’s school culture is rooted in its vision of the Ideal Graduate at Graduation: intellectually competent; social skilled and mature; compassionate; socially just and responsible; well-rounded and holistic.

Whitney Young Magnet High School (7-8)

THEME: Selective Enrollment/Academic Center

As Chicago’s first magnet high school, Whitney M. Young Magnet High School has consistently ranked among the four highest-achieving high schools in Illinois since our opening in 1975. Committed as we are to academic excellence, we at Whitney Young also believe that the high school experience must go beyond academics. Thus, our 2100 students in grades 7-12 have access to 28 outstanding athletic teams, over 100 clubs and activities, and 28 award-winning performing arts programs. These programs exemplify our deep commitment to our students’ cognitive, physical, and social-emotional growth. This winning combination is what makes us the School of Champions.

LaSalle Elementary Language Academy (K-8)

THEME: World Language

LaSalle Language Academy is a lottery-based elementary magnet school where, in addition to a rigorous curriculum in the core subjects, students study either Chinese, French, Italian or Spanish for nine consecutive years. Students are expected to reach ACTFL’s Intermediate Level of proficiency, and the culminating authentic learning experience is a two week trip to our partner schools in China, France, Italy or Spain.  LaSalle was awarded the National Blue Ribbon Award in 2015 and is one of the most diverse schools in the City of Chicago.

Franklin Elementary Fine Arts Center (K-8)

THEME: Fine Arts

Within an arts rich environment, Franklin Fine Arts Center students are challenged to work collaboratively, to think critically and creatively, to find their own voices, and to communicate effectively to audiences. The artistic process teaches children the importance of taking risks and of seeking out solutions to problems. Franklin students apply these skills to their academic and everyday lives. In the words of one of our students:

We are artists, we are students.

We are dedicated, adventurous, and diverse.

We embrace teamwork and challenge.

We inspire creativity.

We are the future.

Walter Payton College Preparatory Academy High School (9-12)

THEME: Selective Enrollment

We at Payton envelop all that we do for our vibrant students—who come from all of Chicago’s varied neighborhoods and socio-economic conditions—in what we call our 4Cs: Curiosity, Character, Compassion, and Courage.  These 4Cs are seeped into all of our Payton experiences that lie within a unique structure of learning, which include daily advisory, academic courses—which are offered at the honors and advanced placement levels, enrichments, and bi-weekly seminars.  We have a global education program, wherein 81% of our students have travelled to our 17 sister schools around the world.

Schurz High School (9-12)

THEME: Leadership

Carl Schurz High School is a neighborhood school located on the Northwest side of Chicago that offers many rigorous paths to college and career readiness. This is an authorized International Baccalaureate World School,  a nationally certified Advancement Via Individual Determination (AVID) school, and a certified Career and Technical Education (CTE) school with five academies in Allied Health, Automotive Technology, Business, Digital Media, and Pre-Engineering.  Students will develop critical thinking skills, cultivate high levels of self-motivation for personal and professional achievement, and recognize they can affect change in a global society through their rigorous curriculum and cultivated relationships with many established partners.

Hefferan Elementary School (PK-8)

THEME: Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics (STEAM)

Hefferan STEAM Elementary School is a Level 1+ neighborhood school that is considered a “beacon” on the West Side of Chicago. Generations of students from strong, neighborhood families have attended our school and along with committed faculty members have built it into a fine learning institution. We pride ourselves on offering a high-quality, rigorous education experience that rivals any other school in the city. We are NOT a selective enrollment school, and that makes our success and accomplishments all the more rewarding. Our talented Hefferan team finds resourceful, creative, and innovative ways to achieve our mission of preparing students for college, career and beyond.

Skinner North Elementary School (K-8)

THEME: Classical School

Skinner North Classical School is a selective enrollment elementary school, which opened in September 2009. It is currently home to 500 Kindergarten through eighth grade students who come to the school from all over the city of Chicago.

Skinner North has a dedicated, experienced and caring staff who are committed to providing rigorous, differentiated instruction to all students.  With a focus on teaching the whole child in an academically advanced environment, the staff work to establish norms of highly successful and socially-motivated individuals in a community that promotes collaboration, leadership, and celebrates the diversity of the students, families, and staff.

Brooks College Preparatory Academy High School (7-8)

THEME: Selective Enrollment/Academic Center

Brooks College Prep is a selective enrollment academic center and high school located in the Historic Pullman District. We offer a rigorous academic program consisting of Honors, Advanced Placement, and Dual Credit course offerings. We also develop students beyond the classroom through seminars, clubs, athletics, community service, and international travel. These experiences combined create a holistic environment in which our students learn to thrive.  Our mission is to ensure each student learns at high levels.

The Chicago High School for Agricultural Sciences (9-12)

THEME: Agricultural Sciences

The Chicago High School for Agricultural Sciences (CHSAS), located on the historic “Last Farm in Chicago,” is a diverse magnet school open to all residents in the City of Chicago who are interested in studying the agricultural sciences. Students complete a non-selective application at the district level and are chosen through a lottery process. The school combines a college preparatory curriculum with a career readiness program in order to best prepare all of our 720 students for life in the 21st century.  All students are enrolled in agricultural courses and complete a program of study in one of our six agricultural pathways. Students are involved in leadership opportunities through the National FFA Organization and work together to offer community-based projects on campus.

Mayer Elementary School (PK-8)

THEME: Montessori (PK-5) | IB MYP (6-8)

Oscar Mayer opened in 1956. In 2008, the school became a magnet-cluster school with a Fine/Performing Arts focus in addition to offering Montessori and International Baccalaureate programs.  Mayer is the only CPS school that offers both a Montessori program (age 3-5th grade) and an International Baccalaureate program (6-8th grade) with arts integrated throughout.  Mayer also developed a Wellness and Sustainability program which includes initiatives such as raising chickens and bees, gardening, composting, and recycling throughout the building.  Last year a “Maker’s Space” was also opened within the building. Through these programs our students develop critical thinking skills, have leadership opportunities, learn individual responsibility and concern for community.

Lincoln Park High School (9-12)

THEME: Arts Program/Wall to Wall IB

Lincoln Park High School (LPHS) is a neighborhood school with magnet programs that attract students from the neighborhood and all over the city. Our current enrollment is about 2100 students.

We are an IB World School.  We offer the IB Middle Years Programme to all 9th and 10th graders.  We have offered the IB Diploma Programme since 1980.  The number of IBDP candidates ranges from 80-140 per year.  We also offer the IB Career Programme to 30 IBCP candidates in the Performing Arts, Visual Arts, and ROTC.

In addition, we offer 23 AP and 8 IB Diploma subjects as electives to any 11th or 12th grader.  We also offer magnet programs in vocal and instrumental music and Drama.

Burley Elementary School (K-8)

THEME: Literature, Writing and Technology program

Burley’s magnet cluster program weaves Literature, Writing, and Technology into a preK-8 instructional program that is rich, varied, meaningful, and joyful. Students read high-quality, self-selected literature in a workshop format and write for authentic purposes. Content area inquiry and student curiosity are avenues to deeper thinking as students question, discover, analyze, and create. One-to-one iPads and Chromebooks are integrated across the curriculum to strengthen and extend student learning and collaboration, but they are not a replacement for books, paper, or face to face connection. Our students grow to be active and curious readers, writers, and citizens of the world.

Lincoln Elementary School (6-8)

THEME: Selective Enrollment/International Gifted (6-8)

Established in 1871, Lincoln Elementary School has been in existence for 147 years. Abraham Lincoln Elementary School educates 905 students.

Through the implementation of best practices and a humanities-based curriculum, enhanced by the integration of math, science, technology, visual arts, music, band, French world language and culture, Lincoln School encourages each student to reach his/her potential.

Lincoln is designated as an International Gifted School and its curriculum is designed to seamlessly dovetail into the International Baccalaureate Diploma Program. In addition, Lincoln is home to the Ecole Franco-Américaine de Chicago, a tuition-supported program certified by the French government for K-8 native speakers of French.

Agassiz Elementary School (6-8)


Agassiz is a neighborhood Pre School – 8th grade International Baccalaureate World School with a Fine and Performing Arts Magnet Cluster program. Our diverse student population represents over 40 Chicago neighborhoods. Through hands-on learning experiences and arts integration in all subject areas, we provide our students a culture of academic excellence, foster a rigorous and nurturing learning environment, and instill within them a love of learning by identifying their positive distinctions, whether academic, artistic, or athletic, thus empowering them to be responsible, contributing members of a global community.

Hawthorne Scholastic Academy (K-8)

THEME: Literature and Writing

Hawthorne is a literacy magnet school located in the heart of Chicago’s Lakeview Neighborhood. We serve 568 students in grades K-8 who are accepted through a lottery system. We have a diverse student population: 50% of our students are White, 20% Hispanic, 10% African-American, and 10% Asian. School-wide, our students scores in the 86th percentile in NWEA Reading Growth and the 96th percentile in Math growth in 2016. Recently, we were ranked #5 out of all CPS Schools in Chicago Magazine. Our two school-wide priorities are currently Differentiation and Social-Emotional Learning.

Haines Elementary School (K-8)

THEME: Technology

John Charles Haines Elementary School is a neighborhood Technology Magnet Cluster School in the heart of Chinatown. We utilize emerging technologies and innovative practices to provide students with learning opportunities within and outside of the traditional school setting. Students work in collaborative groups to develop 21st century skills. Through project- and problem-based learning, students make real-world connections with core curriculum and the community. Additionally, core curriculum is supported through personalized learning that leverages technology to provide interventions and extend learning. As a professional learning community, we work to trust, inspire, and take action daily so every child learns.

Sheridan Math & Science Academy (K-8)

THEME: Math/Science/Laboratory Sciences (7-8)

Mark Sheridan Math & Science Academy is a magnet school that focuses on science, math and overall academic excellence, while integrating a fine arts and technology curriculum. Sheridan is committed to increasing student achievement, including high school advanced placement, as well as its advanced programs through its comprehensive Specific Aptitude Program in science and math.

Mark Sheridan Academy has been recognized as a Spotlight School by the Illinois State Board of Education, A School of Distinction by the Chicago Public Schools and A National Title I Distinguished School as well as one of the most diverse schools in the state of Illinois by Niche.

Disney II Magnet School (PK-8)

THEME: Fine Arts/Technology

Disney II Magnet Elementary supports the development of well-rounded individuals who can live productive, intellectual lives and make positive contributions to society.  As you walk through Disney II classrooms, you will see: students working through challenging material that has been individualized to the students’ instructional needs, integrated projects with technology, art and music, a variety of unique individuals that support our students ranging from parents, senior interns, to retired teachers volunteering. At Disney II, students and teachers are supportive of both the academic and social-emotional growth of each other and we continually work to create the school that we envision Disney II becoming.

Greeley Elementary School (K-8)

THEME: Gifted ELL K-8

Horace Greeley offers a regional gifted/magnet school that offers a gifted program to K-8 students as well as providing native language instruction  in Spanish, Polish and Russian.

Our entire staff is committed to working in partnership with our families and our school community, to be a school where ALL feel welcomed and valued. We are proud to have community partnerships with Urban Gateways and the Chicago Children’s Choir which provide our school with a variety of fine arts education, sports and academic programs.  We focus on teaching with an equity lens, learning about culturally and linguistically responsive teaching practices that will support all students and allow them to succeed.

Thorp Elementary Scholastic Academy (K-8)

THEME: Scholastic Academy/Gifted

At Thorp,  proficiency on standardized tests is just a starting point for our students. True education happens in the meaningful, memorable moments that happen both in and out of our classrooms.

As a magnet school drawing students from all parts of Chicago, the students of Thorp Academy are expected to demonstrate their knowledge through the 21st century skills of Communication, Collaboration, Critical Thinking, Caring  and Creativity. At the core of our instruction are problem based learning opportunities and academic choice. Our teachers work tirelessly to provide students with multiple experiences both in and outside of their classroom, where they can demonstrate evidence of their understanding of concepts and demonstrate mastery of their skills. As our graduates move on to high school and beyond, they know that their education has empowered them to make a difference in their world.

Prosser Career Academy High School (11-12)

THEME: IB Diploma/Career Programs

Located in Belmont-Cragin but welcoming diverse students from all parts of the city, Prosser Academy prepares students to become fulfilled, lifelong learners and critical thinkers. Prosser considers myriad post-secondary options as it readies its students for college and career success. As a Career & Technical Education and International Baccalaureate school–with both Diploma and Career Certificate Programmes–we offer engaging, inquiry-driven, project-based instruction rooted in research and educational best practices and creative, athletic and service-based extracurricular options to prepare students for power as the next generation of leaders and learners transforming their lives and their communities.

Lake View High School (9-12)

THEME: Early College STEM

The STEM approach at Lake View High School challenges our students and engages them in critical thinking about the world around them while fostering their interests in all disciplines. In each course, students experience learning that incorporates authentic, real-world questions and problems that they explore. Our corporate partner, Microsoft, supports students with mentoring and internships to help them connect what they learn in school to the world around them. Our post-secondary partner, Northwestern University, provides professional development opportunities to our dedicated teachers and staff.  Tutoring services are offered by DePaul University to ensure freshmen students are supported as they transition to high school. Our primary goal is to develop our students’ 21st Century skills and use of technology to test their ideas and thinking: to collaborate with each other and others around the world: and to communicate and creatively express their critical thinking.

Walt Disney Magnet Elementary School (PK-8)

THEME: Fine Arts/Technology

Walt Disney Magnet School, an eleven-acre site located on Chicago’s lakefront, provides integrated instruction in the arts and technology as its magnet focus. Our 1686 PK-8th grade students are chosen by lottery and reflect the city’s racial, ethnic and socio-economic diversity. Disney is an open spaced environment with a team teaching approach. There are several innovative labs and facilities, one-to-one iPad deployment, a 38,000 sq. ft. Communication Arts Center and three outside playgrounds. Each classroom has an interactive Promethean Board that brings the world into the classroom. Students participate in an annual Arts Integrated Unit that creates educational memories.

Drummond Elementary School (PK-8)

THEME: Montessori

In 2004, with federal funding, Drummond became the first public Montessori School in the City of Chicago. The Montessori Method is designed to help children fulfill their potential in all areas of life by utilizing a “whole child” approach.  The activities and curriculum therefore promote the development of social skills, emotional growth, and physical coordination, as well as cognitive preparation.  Children learn in what is called a “prepared environment” – classrooms that are designed to support the learner in every stage of development.  A Montessori classroom provides the necessary resources and opportunities for children to function in a safe, positive, and non-competitive climate, where they work at their own pace under the guidance of specially trained teachers.

Orozco Fine Arts and Sciences Elementary School (K-8)

THEME: Gifted ELL K-8

Jose Clemente Orozco Academy is located in the heart of Pilsen. We are a regional gifted (RGC) school that offers a gifted program to K-8th grade students as well as provide native language instruction in Spanish. We also have a neighborhood school for 6th-8th. Orozco is a PreK-8th that serves 545 students.

Our Orozco students are inspired to become reflective, innovative, and compassionate leaders, part of a rich mosaic in the changing world. We have flexible learning environments and have personalized learning for students.

We are proud to have community partnerships with the Resurrection Project (TRP), Space to Grow Chicago, Loyola PLC, Chicago Día de los Niños (CDDLN) and many more to name a few. These partnerships provide our school with a variety of fine arts education, Mariachi & Folkloric Ballet Program sports and academic programs.

Our Orozco students are inspired to become reflective, innovative, and compassionate leaders, part of a rich mosaic in the changing world.

Wadsworth Elementary School (PK-8)

THEME: Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM)


When you enter the doors of Wadsworth STEM you immediately feel the excitement and love for STEM learning in the air.    The school is 99% African-American and 99% free and reduced lunch which has yet to be a hindrance to our students’ success.

Students adopt the foundational premise of being an EPIC3 learner: Engaged learners who persevere, a Problem-solver when presented with challenges, Innovative in their quest to uncover new ideas and ways of learning.  This setting pushes students to tap into their Creativity, think Critically and Collaborate effectively with their peers and positions students for success.

Murray Elementary Language Academy (K-8)

THEME: World Langauge

Murray became a World Language Magnet School in 1981. Murray believes that the opportunity to study a foreign language provides students with an advantage for success in a world whose challenges are increasingly global in scope. Our mission is to offer a challenging and enriched curriculum, in a nurturing climate, that develops student abilities in all learning areas. Through the world language program, students study French, Spanish, or Mandarin Chinese from Kindergarten through 8th grade. We believe in scholarship, creative minds, healthy bodies, and ethical spirits needed to contribute wisdom, heart, service, and leadership to a global society.

Jackson Elementary Language Academy (K-8)

THEME: World Language

Andrew Jackson Language Academy is a Chicago Public Magnet School located in the near west side of Chicago. In 1981, AJLA became a magnet school focusing on world language. Students in Kindergarten through 8th grade study Chinese, French, Italian, Japanese, or Spanish for nine years. In 1988, a new building was constructed. It provides modern grade level and world language classrooms, a computer lab, a science lab, a greenhouse and fine arts rooms.

At AJLA, we are working toward creating a community that encompasses the mission of our school and moves students on to college and career readiness. Our mission is for the entire school community to be teachers and learners, to create a safe environment that embraces individuality and celebrates diversity, to create global citizens by providing exemplary instruction and exposure to World Language, and to find time for laughter, play, exercise, and reflection.

Curie Metropolitan High School (9-12)

THEME: Fine Arts/IB DP

Curie High School has a very diverse set of programs to offer students. Our International Baccalaureate program regularly beats the world average. Our fine and performing arts program features a faculty that are all practicing artists themselves. Our Career and Technical Education program allows students to follow their passions and also achieve the International Baccalaureate certificate. Sports at Curie feature many options, including basketball, water polo, and football championship teams. Beyond these programs, a rigorous curriculum is offered for all students, enhanced by supports for social and emotional development. Our motto, ‘The Curie Way,’ states that students strive to be ‘respectful,’ ‘open minded and kind,’ and ‘hard working, determined, and responsible.’

Sarah E Goode STEM Academy (9-12)

THEME: Early College STEM

Sarah E. Goode STEM Academy is one of the five CPS Early College STEM Schools. We connect high school, college and the world of work to prepare students for technology jobs of the future. Our dynamic partnerships with IBM and Richard J. Daley College allow students to work with leading professionals, acquire industry certifications and earn significant college credit while completing a rigorous high school program. Together, CPS, Colleges and our corporate partners are pioneering a new vision for college and career readiness.

Lindblom Math & Science Academy High School (7-12)

THEME: Academic Center (7-8)  |  Selective Enrollment (9-12)

Lindblom Math & Science Academy is one of eleven selective-enrollment Chicago public high schools while housing 7th-12th grades. Located in West Englewood on Chicago’s South Side, LMSA draws students from all areas of the city. The student body is approximately 97% minority and approximately 64% low-income.  LMSA provides unique opportunities like an Innovation Lab with state-of-the-art design technology and languages like Mandarin and Arabic. Lindblom is an inclusive and supportive community that empowers students to become compassionate leaders who understand, engage, and impact the world. LMSA 2017 graduates were highly sought after, earning more than $57.1 million in scholarship offers.

Northside College Preparatory High School (9-12)

THEME: Selective Enrollment

Northside College Preparatory High School, a selective enrollment Chicago Public School, attracts many of Chicago’s most gifted students to its rigorous college prep curriculum.  We are a unique learning community comprised of smart and dedicated students, a progressive and expert faculty, supportive parents, benefactors, and community partners. Together, we are engaged in the learning process with each individual serving as both teacher and learner as we continually strive to shape a more empathetic, ethical future. Intellectual curiosity and creativity guide us as we collaboratively nurture a community of learners that is devoted to discovering what is possible in public education.

Von Steuben Metropolitan Science High School (9-12)

THEME: Scholars/Magnet Science

Von Steuben Metropolitan Science Center (MSC) is a Level 1+ magnet high school, offering its diverse student population a variety of academic and extracurricular choices, including a selective Scholars Program, Advanced Placement and Dual Credit coursework, as well as computer science, engineering programs and more.  We have over 1,700 students with 20 top division sports teams and over 40 clubs and organizations, including award winning academic teams. Our mission is to prepare every student comprehensively for their next enriching educational opportunity. We will develop the most supportive learning community for the students because everyone deserves the opportunity to realize their potential.

Wildwood IB World Magnet School (K-8)


Wildwood is a diverse urban learning community, where our families speak 23 different languages. Due to a history of building accessibility, Wildwood has a wide range of physical and cognitive abilities as well as students with medical and physical fragilities. We are economically diverse as well, with students from poverty through affluence. We run an open lottery and are not selective or application based. Our 494 students come from the neighborhood and from around the city.

Constantly exploring the possibilities for what student ownership of learning can be, we use our culture of inquiry, the core aspect of our wall-to-wall IB program, as an opportunity to increase authentic student ownership of curriculum, learning, and assessment. We are unique in the intensity and momentum with which we are moving towards an authentic, student-driven culture of inquiry.

Goudy Technology Academy (PK-8)

THEME: Technology

Goudy Technology Academy is a neighborhood elementary school situated between the historic neighborhoods of Uptown and Edgewater in Chicago. We proudly serve students speaking over 48 languages and we celebrate our diversity as the unique foundation that makes Goudy a special place to learn. With a focus on technology, all students have access to a variety of technology resources. We also support student creativity via our drama, music and engineering classes. We foster a respectful and collaborative learning environment that empowers all students with the 21st-century skills to become successful leaders and productive citizens in our society.

Peirce International Studies Elementary School (PK-8)


Helen C. Peirce School is an International Baccalaureate World School, providing student with the full continuum of an IB education (Primary Years Programme: PK-5th grades, Middle Years Programme 6-10th grades, and the Diploma Programme 11-12th grades)through our partnership with Senn High School. As an IB school, we promote student ownership of learning through inquiry, action and reflection. Our curriculum incorporates meaningful integration of the arts, intellectually engaging instruction aligned to the Common Core as well as the IB Standards and Practices, and a wide spectrum of supports to meet students’ social-emotional needs and the needs of our diverse learners.

Senn High School (9-12)

THEME: Fine Arts/Wall to Wall IB

Nicholas Senn High School is a neighborhood wall-to-wall International Baccalaureate and Fine and Performing Arts Magnet School. Established in 1913, Senn is both historic and on the cutting edge of education. In recent years, Senn has seen major growth in both enrollment and achievement. Our faculty utilizes the IB philosophy to implement a project-based approach that supports active learning in the classroom. Our students are continually challenged academically, but they’re also well-rounded. They’re questioning, researching, creating, presenting and performing. And they’re involved in our many clubs and extra-curriculars, while also learning how to be involved in and serve our community.

Lenart Elementary Regional Gifted Center (K-8)

THEME: Selective Enrollment

Lenart Regional Gifted Center is a selective enrollment elementary school located on the Southside of Chicago.  We are only one of three full-site regional gifted centers in CPS that offers an accelerated curriculum to gifted students from all areas of Chicago.  Our small school serves 290 students in Kindergarten through eighth grades, allowing us to foster strong relationships with our staff, students, and families. Lenart’s curriculum is grounded in academic rigor as we provide accelerated instruction that is at least two years above grade level along with Music, Spanish, Technology, and Visual Arts instruction to all students.   Lenart students share a spirit of pride in belonging to a unique and diverse learning community that is anchored in our core values of Respect, Responsibility, and Resilience.  Lenart Regional Gifted Center is committed to nurturing confidence in students to follow their individual paths to achievement.  Students are encouraged to pursue their interests and develop their unique gifts and talents.

Kershaw Elementary School (K-5)


Guided by a CLEAR vision that promotes Agency, Authority, Identity Kershaw Magnet An IB World School cultivates inquiring, knowledgeable, and caring, global citizens who will help create a better, peaceful world through international mindedness and respect. Our award winning debate team along with other engaging activities provides opportunities for students to embrace learning and own their future. We are preparing our future leaders for careers in a globalized world by offering Mandarin Chinese as a second language. All students are instilled with the belief that excellence is expected and achievable.

The Chicago High School for Agricultural Sciences (9-12)

THEME: Agricultural Sciences

The Chicago High School for Agricultural Sciences (CHSAS), located on the historic “Last Farm in Chicago,” is a diverse magnet school open to all residents in the City of Chicago who are interested in studying the agricultural sciences. Students complete a non-selective application at the district level and are chosen through a lottery process. The school combines a college preparatory curriculum with a career readiness program in order to best prepare all of our 720 students for life in the 21st century.  All students are enrolled in agricultural courses and complete a program of study in one of our six agricultural pathways. Students are involved in leadership opportunities through the National FFA Organization and work together to offer community-based projects on campus.

Sir Miles Davis Magnet Academy (K-8)

THEME: Engineering/STEM

Miles Davis Magnet Academy (K-8) opened as the first engineering-focused magnet school in Chicago Public Schools (CPS).  The school achieved CPS’ Level 1 academic status through a curriculum that emphasizes cooperative, hands-on STEM instruction and the use of the engineering design process.  The school has an award-winning after-school robotics program and partners with the National Society of Black Engineers and the Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy to provide enrichment programs.  The school also has a learning garden that provides opportunities for students to learn about agricultural engineering as well as nutrition and botany.