1. MSAP Technical Assistance Center: A resource for MSAP grantees and the greater magnet school community. It offers tools, information, and strategies to assist in planning, implementing, and revising magnet school programs.

  2. U.S. Department of Education Equity Assistance Centers: The centers provide technical assistance and training to public school districts and other responsible governmental agencies that promote equitable education opportunities

  3. Research and Studies: Selection of reports, papers, and articles from leading researchers and organizations focused on magnet schools, civil rights and school integration issues, and other policy topics.

  4. Grants and Funding: Grant announcements from federal agencies, private corporations and foundations that support schools and educators.

  5. Publications: Magnet Schools of America's Magnet School Directory and U.S. Department of Education resources for understanding and operating successful magnet & theme-based schools.

  6. Job Openings: Magnet school job announcements from across the nation.

  7. Internships: Information about summer internships with Magnet Schools of America.