Clark County School District

Clark County School District

The Clark County School District (CCSD) is the nation’s fifth-largest school district and educates 67 percent of the students in Nevada. Established in 1956, CCSD is the number one choice for families and students. We educate 305,000 students – offering a variety of nationally recognized programs, including Magnet Schools, Career and Technical Academies, and Advanced Placement programs.

The Board of School Trustees appointed Dr. Jesus F. Jara as superintendent in May 2018. The superintendent is implementing the board’s vision by putting a focus on four key areas:

  1. Rich and rigorous instruction
  2. Developing and supporting people
  3. Efficient and supportive operations
  4. Building relationships and earning the community’s trust
  • Our students come to us from 158 countries and speak 72 different languages.
  • 9 percent of our students qualify for free and reduced-price lunch.
  • Approximately 15,000, or 3.4 percent of students are homeless.

The District operates 360 total schools including:

  • 226 Elementary schools
  • 59 Middle schools
  • 49 High schools
  • 19 Alternative schools
  • 7 Special schools

Student Ethnic Distribution

Hispanic/Latino - 149,393 / 46.4%
Caucasian - 78,926 / 24.5%
Black/African American - 45,453 / 14.1%
Multiracial - 21,124 / 6.6%
Asian - 20,463 / 6.4%
Hawaiian/Pacific Islander - 5,128 / 1.6%
Native American - 1,161 / .4%

The CCSD Magnet Program

The CCSD magnet program began in 1993, when the district opened three magnet schools to attract children of varied socioeconomic backgrounds, races and ethnicities, and academic achievement levels. For the past 29 years, CCSD magnet schools have on average, outperformed traditional public schools, and have grown in number from 3 to 41 magnet schools. Because of the tremendous success of the programs, the demand for magnet schools has continually exceeded the availability. Each year, the CCSD Magnet Department receives over 50,000 applications to their award-winning and nationally recognized magnet schools. Currently, there are over 31,000 students enrolled in CCSD magnet programs

CCSD has received hundreds of awards and distinctions from Magnet Schools of America over the past decade. In more recent years, CCSD has been recognized with the following:

  • (2020-2021) Thurman White Academy of the Performing Arts received the Dr. Ronald P. Simpson Distinguished Merit Award.
  • (2020) 37 Merit Schools of Excellence and Distinction Awards
  • (2018) East Career and Technical Academy received the Dr. Ronald P. Simpson Distinguished Merit Award.
  • (2018) McCaw STEAM Academy received the New & Emerging Magnet School of Merit Award.
  • (2017) Magnet Superintendent of the Year
  • (2017) Awarded 15 million dollar Magnet Schools Assistance Program Grant
  • 3 Nationally Certified Demonstration Magnet Schools
  • 10 Nationally Certified Magnet Schools
  • Since 2014, CCSD has opened 15 new magnet schools.